Digital meetings

A secure and platform-independent service for your meetings

A concept for the digital distribution of documents to tablets, computers and phones

The concept is a total solution including apps for distribution, reading, access to bookmarks, and more.
The product is sold as a complete solution for digital meetings.


The meeting attendants gain access to the documents of the meeting electronically through portable reading devices, smart phones, and computers. The meetings and the content of the meetings are easily managed through a web portal and changes can be performed instantly.


We all know the implications of making the right decision at the right time. The Netpublicator platforms will help you get well-prepared for the meeting and important decisions. The documents of the meeting can be updated and provided to the participants of the meeting instantly.


Netpublicator is provided across a wide range of platforms to provide easy access for its users.

  • iPad & iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows 8 (RT included)
  • On the web


Several of our customers have a need to abide the privacy protection law or handle sensitive information.

Read more on how we create a safe environment to store data and authenticate users.

All your organization's documents in one place

Together with your annotations, easily accessible.
The system is frequently used in politics in many municipalities and county councils, in unions and associations, agencies, and also in the business world, e.g. in boards. Several of our customers are amongst the biggest organisations in Sweden.