The platform for distribution of iOS applications

No need for an Apple ID.

The platform provides the possibility to distribute applications in an organisation without the need for an Apple ID. The user downloads the application through a clickable web link. This web link can be distributed automatically by email to the users. The user can also login to the Netpublicator web portal to download an application, in the case when the user does not have access to email on the portable reading device. It doesn't get easier.

Handling of Apple IDs' for many users is very time consuming and Netpublicator App Center provides efficient management and a decrease of time for support.

Updates can be distributed more quickly with Netpublicator App Center compared to traditional, cumbersome, and approval-based, distribution of applications through App Store, to provide users with new functions and improvements instantly.

New available updates are installed simply by approving the update in the application which automatically downloads and installs the new version on the portable reading device without the need of an Apple ID.