Netpublicator Elected

With Netpublicator Elected, you handle and provide your organisation's data requirements for your elected representatives. Earlier you may have been able to handle parts of the data linked to an elected representative, such as political assignments, and contact information, in a trust system. We think that time is over!

Today, en elected representative handle much more of its mission in a digital context. Examples of digital management of elected representatives are:
  • Registration of a confidentiality associated with the National Accounts and the Authority.
  • Handling the elected assignment
  • The creation of the elected representatives in a variety of systems internally within the organisation such as AD, Wages, Passport, and more
  • Digital meeting management including access to meeting documents, attendance registration and voting
  • Publication of contact information on a public web site
  • Possibility of communication between the elected representatives and between your organisation and the elected representatives, such as in a chat, message etc
  • Handling for example iPads, mobile phones and computers
  • Citizens' dialogue with elected representatives
  • And much more …

To be able to do the above it is often required to create the elected representative in a variety of subsystems. The requirements are completely different today and the need for a digital hub with the elected representatives in focus will only increase as we become more digital. There is a demand for a platform that can provide other systems with information about the elected representatives without manual processes.

That is why we are building Netpublicator Elected - released spring 2018

For more information please contact us.

Elected integration example: Kristianstads kommun


The platforms provide support for abiding the privacy protection law

Several of our customers have a need to abide the privacy protection law. Therefor information can be classified to follow the privacy protection law which prohibits the possibility the save and re-distribute the information. Information classified as under the privacy protection law are automatically inaccessible and can never be shown with the public access feature on your homepage.

The platforms include support for secrecy

Several of our customers have a need to guarantee secrecy. Information uploaded to Netpublicator Docs can be classified as secret which only allows access of the information from secure platform environments, e.g. a secret file can not be opened in a web browser or emailed or shared. The access of classified information can also be further controlled though two-factor authentication. The platforms offers great possibilities to control in detail which permissions that the user has for a file and on which platforms that the file can be opened. The strictest setting only allows access to the information when logged in and thus eliminating local storage of the file. The different needs for secrecy amongst our customers varies from cases of a social service center to board documents of a bank.

The platforms includes two-factor authentication

Several of out customers have needs to further validate the identity of a user for access of information. The platforms therefor include two-factor authentication were the identity of the user is confirmed with a code sent as a text message when the user accesses sensitive information. The validity expiration time of the code can be set individually for a customer. The inactivity timeout period of the authenticated session can be set individually for each customer. The authenticated session can also be terminated from the application by the user.

The platforms use encryption for protection of information

The stored and used information is encrypted with state-of-the-art algorithms on Netpublicators servers in order to protect the information.